Static IP on Microcore Linux

Whenever we need to setup any server, we need to assign it the static IP. Otherwise, we won’t be able to locate that server in the network. We can perform this task in two ways – either with the DHCP reservation or configuring the static IP address during the boot process.

I will cover in this document the static IP assignment. This process is particularly important when we also need to specify other parameters, like the IP of DNS server.

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Compressing your virtual hard disk

After a while, every virtual hard disk will grow in size and the part of it will remain unused. I already described how to clear all free space on any disk. Now, I would like to show you how to compress any virtual disk in VDI format to recover valuable space on your computer’s hard disk.

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Rotating SQL backup files

I’m supporting the MS SQL based applications for over decade. The most crucial part is to always have a valid backup of the production database.

With the powers of the Dark Side and the command line Kung-Fu, I made the management script that will keep those backups under my control. Are you interested? Continue reading

Windows Update error 0x800706D9

I have a need to use one of my demo VMs. It started correctly and appeared to work well. However, when I tried to run Windows Update, an error 0x800706D9 occurred.

Most sources on the Internet directed me to check the Windows Firewall service. Of course, my solution was completely different. Here’s my story. Continue reading

Keep your FTP server clean

I’m running my company’s FTP server which is used to store large files necessary for all ongoing projects. Most of those files are usually required only for a short time. When the project is finished, those files only waste a useful disk space.

I made a batch script that runs every day on schedule and maintains the public directory of FTP server. All this using a pure command line Kung-Fu.

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Replacing virtual disk

Although it’s not so common operation, Virtual Box allows us to replace a vDisk associated with any virtual machine. In my case, I used it to replace the old VHD disk with a new VDI disk.

This step was the next after I cleaned unnecessary files from the old hard disk, wiped all free space on it and converted it into the new format. Continue reading

How to periodically restart any service?

I’m using ye olde Mikrotik Dude version 4.0 beta 3 for Windows. I have my reasons why I didn’t replaced it yet with the RouterOS version 6.xx.

I found that my Dude server will just stop scanning the network devices after a while. That means that I will lose my proactive network monitoring and we will be flooded with emails.

My solution – an automatic restart of the Dude service at regular intervals.
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