Activating the AHCI mode after installing Windows 7

A few months ago, I assembled one computer and installed Windows 7 on it. I also installed all necessary drivers and tools. Eventually, I discovered that I left the BIOS configuration of the disk controller in the IDE mode.

In such situation, my machine will be blocked at boot if I just try to change this option in the BIOS settings – Windows 7 will not recognize the boot device. In that situation usually I can either to revert this change back to the IDE mode or reinstall machine with enabled AHCI mode.

I opted for the third way – to enable the AHCI mode in running Windows 7. It’s a time for the magic and mighty tricks. Continue reading


Cleaning the cache in Microsoft Outlook 2013/2016

Whenever Outlook is in the Exchange mode, it will store all emails in its local cache. This cache is used for offline work. If we disable this cache mode, Outlook will have no email without a direct connection with the Exchange server.

Sometimes, Outlook can’t properly display the received emails or can’t find them. A possible reason is a corrupted local e-mail cache. This cache can also be corrupted in a situation when a search cache on the Exchange server is damaged. Continue reading

Windows update error 80248015

A few days ago, I routinely checked my VM for updates. The Windows update dialog opened and it looked like I had never before updated this machine. That is weird. Anyway, I will now check for updates and Windows will be happy. At least, I taught so.

When I clicked on the button [ Check for updates ], Windows update popped up an error message that it cannot search for new updates. The reason was very strange – the service is expired.

Continue reading

Read the Windows platform from the batch file

I need to execute the same batch file on Windows 32 and 64-bit systems. My batch file should somehow automatically read on which platform it’s running and to execute the appropriate part of the file. In addition, it must be usable on any Windows version, starting from Windows 7/2008.

The answer to this problem is to execute the wmic command and filter its output. Now comes the magic. Continue reading

Your DHCP server must be in only one VLAN

Recently, we have made a major upgrade of the network infrastructure for one customer. We replaced the old switches and introduced the complete VLAN infrastructure. At the end of the day, everything seemed to be good.

Then, after two days, DUDE started to raise alarms related to DHCP service. We received a bunch of e-mails related to an empty DHCP pool. It was a mystery how this DHCP pool emptied when there are only 10 workstations and this happened during a public holiday when the offices were empty. Continue reading

Duplicate V3 extension in a X.509 certificate

Recently, I got a report that one application can’t connect to the Exchange server. The error message was:

Exchange server error: The request failed. Duplicate extensions not allowed.

The first Google search revealed to me that this error message is related to the error inside the SSL certificate and the java based library can’t override such situation. Continue reading