Beware of phishing emails

A few days ago I received a simple phishing email. For me, it was obvious that this email is fake. Unfortunately, this email could trick many less experienced people.

Here is my analysis of this email and a few tips how to protect yourself in similar situations. Continue reading

Installing common AD roles from the command line

You just installed a brand new Windows Server and it should be the new domain controller in your network.

Here’s the mighty trick to install all necessary roles and features using the magic of the batch scripts and the DISM command. This method is faster and accurate – each time the final result will be the same. Continue reading

How I reconfigured one remote MikroTik router using a script

Today, I will share with you how I reconfigured one remote MikroTik router using the command line script. That customer wanted additional services from his ISP. The ISP needed to reconfigure that Internet link and to use VLANs.

After my reconfiguration on the customer’s side, ISP enabled VLANs and re-routed the Internet traffic over one of them. The goal was to perform that action as fast as possible, with a minimal service downtime during the lunch break. Continue reading

Redirecting all network traffic through a VPN tunnel

Windows VPN client will allow you to redirect whole network traffic from a remote machine through a VPN tunnel to your corporate network. Even better, we can do the opposite and allow only business related traffic to travel through the office VPN connection and rest will go through your local Internet link.

We can switch between those two scenarios with a single click. Continue reading

MikroTik RouterOS and the SMB share

Virtually any MikroTik RouterOS device can act as a Windows file server. Starting from the RouterOS version 5.12, you can enable a SMB file sharing feature. This feature can be very handy when you need to share a few smaller files.

This nifty feature can be used even with the Windows Server 2016/19 storage-less cluster as the network location for the Cluster Witness disk. Continue reading

MikroTik Dude as a Syslog server

When it comes to the message logging from different network devices, the most common method is to utilise a Syslog server. This software is designed to acquire different system messages and save them into the file on the local disk.

We recently changed the old server and I faced the problem to install old Syslog server on the new Windows platform. I checked the different solutions and eventually I remember that MikroTik Dude can act as a Syslog server. That was my easy solution for this challenge. Continue reading

When Windows Server activation failed

A few days ago I deployed one Windows Server 2016. I didn’t have the license key when I started installation and I simply skipped that step. That’s perfectly fine. Moreover, I installed that system outside the customer’s network and left all those final touches for the deployment phase.

When I connected the server into the customer’s network and configured all network parameters, I ran the activation wizard. In essence, this is a very simple task. It should ask you for the new license key and finish the activation process.

But… Continue reading