MikroTik and the Rogue DHCP Server

Every MikroTik device with the DHCP server service can be used to search your network for any rogue DHCP server. Even better, it can send you an email on such detection. When an alert occurred, you will be informed about the MAC address (and a few more details) of that machine.

You can’t use the MikroTik router to actively block such machine. This is the option that should be implemented on your network switches. Continue reading


Removing BUSY leases from MikroTik DHCP pool

Whenever we’re designing a network, we’re trying to assign at least one continuous block of IP addresses for an automatic client assignment. Using the DHCP server, we can make network administration much easier. We can even use the DHCP server to assign an IP address for the servers in our network.

When the DHCP server spots a previously existing IP address from its DHCP leases pool, it will block that address from further assignment. This mechanism will prevent duplicated IP addresses in the same network segment.

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