How to get or set VLAN id for any Hyper-V based VM?

Today, I will show you how to check assigned VLAN id or to set one using the power shell. Of course, you can to the same action using the Hyper-V manager GUI tool. Nonetheless, this power shell based method can be used anywhere, including the Hyper-V command line. Continue reading


How to start any Hyper-V VM using the power shell?

Ten days ago, two Hyper-V servers were automatically updated, restarted and their VMs left in the Saved state. Well, yes, I know… Any virtual host shouldn’t be configured for automatic updates. However, those two hosts were regularly updated for months without any problem. Until that morning.

Now, you will say “OK, I will launch the Hyper-V Manager GUI and solve this problem”. That’s nice if you’re in the same network. Nevertheless, those servers are with two different customers, in their own separated work groups and my laptop wasn’t configured to manage them. The only available way was to use the power shell.

Let’s make the command line kung fu!

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