Installing common AD roles from the command line

You just installed a brand new Windows Server and it should be the new domain controller in your network.

Here’s the mighty trick to install all necessary roles and features using the magic of the batch scripts and the DISM command. This method is faster and accurate – each time the final result will be the same. Continue reading


How to successfully migrate your DHCP server

Although the DHCP configuration process isn’t too hard, we would like to have an option to migrate our existing settings between the different Windows server versions. Indeed, there is such an option. All you need is a little magic to make things work.

Let’s begin! Continue reading

Rotating SQL backup files

I’m supporting the MS SQL based applications for over decade. The most crucial part is to always have a valid backup of the production database.

With the powers of the Dark Side and the command line Kung-Fu, I made the management script that will keep those backups under my control. Are you interested? Continue reading

Keep your FTP server clean

I’m running my company’s FTP server which is used to store large files necessary for all ongoing projects. Most of those files are usually required only for a short time. When the project is finished, those files only waste a useful disk space.

I made a batch script that runs every day on schedule and maintains the public directory of FTP server. All this using a pure command line Kung-Fu.

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