Hunting for the rogue host

A couple weeks ago, I received a phone call from one customer. They reported that they can’t work from the offices nor they can use VPN. On top of that, my Dude server started to flooding my inbox with messages that their router is down and up again.

That was really strange, as they usually don’t have any large network traffic. Therefore, I (somehow) connected to their router and started my investigation. Something happened there and my connection was painfully slow. Continue reading


The MikroTik SSTP client failed to connect

A few weeks ago, I faced a very strange problem with one of my routers. The Dude alarmed that that one router is down. I had previous problems with the link on that location and I didn’t checked it immediately. Nonetheless, when the router didn’t recovered, I logged on it and found that the VPN client can’t connect anymore. Continue reading

Parent-child devices in MikroTik Dude

One of the very exciting features in Dude 6.xx is the device hierarchy tree. This nifty feature will significantly decrease the number of alarms and notifications which Dude will send to you. Even better, you can easily spot on the map where the problem lies.

Let’s see how we can manage this hierarchy. Continue reading