About me

My name is Srdjan Stanisic. I’m a Senior IT Systems Engineer with more years experience than I care to mention (going on 30yrs) and a whole host of certifications that I have acquired over this time.
During this long period I have learnt a lot (but forgotten even more!) passing many tricky situations by the skin of my teeth and making my own documents afterwards in order to avoid repeat occurrences. The vast majority of my experience is on Microsoft Windows platforms, but I do have strong practical experience with Linux servers. Whenever I encounter something new (software/ feature/ solution) I like to collate me own material on the experience. After these 30yrs I feel that now is the time to share them with you my avid readers.
In my posts I want to share with you my stories about Mikrotik routers, virtualization jobs, Linux solutions, server software and networking. Incorporating expert case studies and stories, but also including recipes for solution building and problem solving.
I hope that you will enjoy the experiences which I am going to share with you and that it proves helpful to you. Of course I would welcome any comments which you have to any posts which I write and look forward to your opinions.

One thought on “About me

  1. Love your site … I just got introduced to MikroTik via CCR1009 and found your MikroTik articles very helpful Thank You


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