Outgoing TLS settings in the IIS SMTP server

So far, we covered the general installation flow and the incoming security settings related to the IIS SMTP service. Today’s article will cover the outgoing security settings, mostly the TLS support and mail domains.

On top of that, we will see how to troubleshoot any failed email connection, while monitoring the server behaviour and reading the relevant logs.

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Securing the IIS SMTP service

In the first article of this series related to the IIS SMTP service, we covered the installation process, the mostly used outgoing connection settings and the basic functionality tests to check its operation status. However, we didn’t touch any part related to the incoming connection and security settings.

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Sending emails from IIS Web applications

Recently, one customer asked us to configure the option to send emails from the Web based application. The application itself has such option and it rely on the companion email sender.

In case of the Microsoft IIS platform, the related component is the SMTP server service. My today’s article will describe the complete process of the installation and configuration of this feature. I will cover the scenario when such server is in the local network, with relaxed security.

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How I whitelisted one improperly configured email server?

I explained in my other post the different techniques which can be used to protect your email server from spam and other attacks. In the same time, I explained why the proper email server configuration is very important for the successful communication.

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Stop that spam!

Fighting spam is an eternal battle. It requires your full attention. The tactics of yesterday can’t be used today.

However, we still have plenty of options to reduce spam messages on our mail server. Moreover, check the configuration of your server to avoid to be blocked as a spammer.

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