Securing the IIS SMTP service

In the first article of this series related to the IIS SMTP service, we covered the installation process, the mostly used outgoing connection settings and the basic functionality tests to check its operation status. However, we didn’t touch any part related to the incoming connection and security settings.

This article will cover that tab related to the access control and incoming security parameters. Let’s begin. Continue reading


How to import a device certificate in Windows Server 2019

In this article, we will demonstrate how to import a certificate for your server running Windows 2019 Server. Such certificate can be used later for the different purposes. This newly imported certificate will be used to identify our server during any secured communication.

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How to import our own Root CA certificate in Windows Server 2019

We may have a need to import additional certificate in Windows Server 2019. In this article, we will demonstrate how to import our self-signed Root CA certificate, which can be used later for the different purposes, like outgoing SSTP VPN or the TLS connection.

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Missing MX record in the DNS zone

I simply overlooked to create one DNS record in my virtual lab. The good news is that I quickly resolved the problem and even better I prepared the new story on my blog. Here is the detailed (step-by-step) troubleshooting guide for the similar DNS problems.

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Adding new drivers into your offline Windows image

Every Windows installation image is shipped with the selected range of the device drivers. In most cases, those drivers will cover  the main hardware components used on the enterprise market at the time of publication. In case that you have newer hardware (that entered market after your Windows installation is published) or made by smaller manufacturer, you will need to provide related drivers by your own.

For the regular work of any Windows system we should provide all drivers for each piece of hardware inside any machine. Nonetheless, when you want to install the new machine or maybe to run live Windows from the USB drive, the most important drivers are those for the storage controllers and network adapters. Any other driver usually can be added later. Continue reading