When the 2019-10 Cumulative update packs failed to install

Although this problem was actual during last autumn, I find yesterday a few servers with the same issue. If you face this problem, your server missing one important update that you need to install manually.

As this problem can still appear here and there, I decided to publish this solution. Let’s do it! Continue reading


Windows Update error 0x800706D9

I have a need to use one of my demo VMs. It started correctly and appeared to work well. However, when I tried to run Windows Update, an error 0x800706D9 occurred.

Most sources on the Internet directed me to check the Windows Firewall service. Of course, my solution was completely different. Here’s my story. Continue reading

Windows update error 80248015

A few days ago, I routinely checked my VM for updates. The Windows update dialog opened and it looked like I had never before updated this machine. That is weird. Anyway, I will now check for updates and Windows will be happy. At least, I taught so.

When I clicked on the button [ Check for updates ], Windows update popped up an error message that it cannot search for new updates. The reason was very strange – the service is expired.

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Windows Update failed with the error code 8024402C

I have a very strict policy that servers must not access the Net. If a server needs to be accessible from the Net, it will be placed in the DMZ zone with very rigid firewall rules. To update all servers, I need to implement the WSUS server in the local network.

I never let servers update automatically. Rather, I let them notify me about available updates and then I will manually run an installation process.

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Installation of IE11 failed with code 9C47

Recently, I found that one of the servers doesn’t have IE11. I was surprised by that, but OK. I never use IE (or any other browser) on any server. Additionally, most of the servers don’t even have the default gateway address.

I ran Windows update, it started to work….

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