How I wrote my shell script to control the BIND daemon

When I configured BIND for the first time, I edited the /opt/ file and added the command to run the BIND daemon on startup. That command line is very long. In case that I need to restart the BIND daemon, it’s faster to reboot the whole Microcore server then typing that command,

The BIND installation in Microcore Linux doesn’t have a shell script for the daemon control. The good news is that we can write our own. And I wrote mine. Continue reading


Starting our BIND server on Microcore Linux

During the previous phases, we succesfully installed our BIND server, created its main configuration file and added a few zone files for our DNS domains. Our DNS server is ready for the first test. We will try to run it and troubleshoot any potential problem in its configuration.

Let’s begin! Continue reading

Microcore Linux and the BIND zone files

In my previous articles, I guided you through the process of installation and the basic configuration of the BIND DNS server on Microcore Linux. The last step to make an operational authoritative DNS server is to create the zone files.

The zone file is the structured text file used to describe all resource records associated with one Internet domain. Due its high flexibility, the DNS zone files are used even for other purposes, like with Windows AD to support the domain specific services. Continue reading

Microcore Linux and the BIND named.conf file

If you followed instructions in my previous article, you have installed Microcore Linux with the BIND server on it. As I mentioned in the mentioned article, we need to create our own files. The first file is the main configuration file – named.conf.

In essence, this is the structured text file with multiple sections. I will show here the most basic version that will fit most of your needs.

Let’s begin!

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