Parent-child devices in MikroTik Dude

One of the very exciting features in Dude 6.xx is the device hierarchy tree. This nifty feature will significantly decrease the number of alarms and notifications which Dude will send to you. Even better, you can easily spot on the map where the problem lies.

Let’s see how we can manage this hierarchy. Continue reading


MikroTik Dude as a Syslog server

When it comes to the message logging from different network devices, the most common method is to utilise a Syslog server. This software is designed to acquire different system messages and save them into the file on the local disk.

We recently changed the old server and I faced the problem to install old Syslog server on the new Windows platform. I checked the different solutions and eventually I remember that MikroTik Dude can act as a Syslog server. That was my easy solution for this challenge. Continue reading