Additional MIBs in Mikrotik Dude

Mikrotik Dude is the NMS framework solution. It’s capable of monitoring any network device with SNMP support. The SNMP protocol (RFC1157 and other) is the public standard for network management. Therefore, Windows supports the SNMP protocol. You can check these posts about the SNMP feature or Dude monitoring.

In this post, I will show you how to add a few Microsoft MIB files into the Dude’s MIB repository. And this process is very simple. Even better; you can use the same process for any other device or service.

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Dude, what happening to my Windows server?

The successful administration of every server for the great part depends on your capability to have an insight into the server’s daily operations. We may have a general picture about the status of a particular service, like an e-mail or database, and still be missing crucial signs of the improper operations on a daily level.

The simplest way to monitor any server, including Windows servers, is the SNMP monitoring of the essential parameters – CPU load, RAM usage or free disk space. Mikrotik Dude can assist us in this task.

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The functions in the Mikrotik Dude

The Network Monitoring Software, or the NMS in short, depends on its capability to acquire the data from the monitored devices. When we collect the data in our NMS software we can analyze it and process the result in the desired way. It’s same with the Mikrotik Dude.

We already saw how to make one test routine in this post. In that case I used processing part named the Probe. Such probe has whole logic and data exchange inside its definition.

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How to add additional information under the device icon in the Mikrotik Dude?

The Mikrotik Dude is a powerful framework for the network monitoring process. You can use it out-of-the box or you can customize it. Customization is very easy and it will improve your experience.

I already explained to you how to add your own testing probe in this post. Today I want to show you a simple trick that will boost the user experience. I will explain to you how to add more lines of the text below the device icon on the network map.

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How to monitor a TFTP server from Mikrotik Dude

Mikrotik Dude ( is a great network monitoring tool. This small and free software came with good set of suitable probes for network monitoring. There is no limit in the number of a services or device types. We can check Mikrotik routerboard routers, network switches, Linux or Windows servers and every other device on the network.

In same time, this is a open framework. That means that we can develop our own probes and tests. With that new probes we can expand possibilities of this small, yet powerful software.

It’s very easy to monitor standard TCP based services, as many of them have well defined client-server communication. In many cases, a client and the server will exchange text based commands. Problem arise when we want to monitor UDP based services.

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