Yesterday, all my VMs seemed so far away

A few days ago I had some exciting projects and I wanted to share those stories with you. However, I already finished them on the production machines and I decided to simply reproduce the whole process in my virtual lab.

I opened VirtualBox and I began to turn on all needful VMs. One machine started, then another one, everything looked fine as usual. Then my fan became very noisy, CPU load jumped on all cores and every other machine either endlessly booted or the boot process lasted almost 15 minutes.

The party just started! I took a deep breath and boldly went where no one had gone before. Continue reading


A Windows VPN connection failed from the VirtualBox VM

Today, I want to share with you one intriguing story about the problem I faced a few days ago. I went to my colleague’s home to work on one project.

I’m using the VirtualBox VMs for my remote works. I launched that VM, checked again all VPN parameters and tried to connect. And the VPN connection gloriously failed. Continue reading

The new version of my virtual lab

I would like to share in this article the most significant changes in my virtual lab. There were so many changes in my virtual lab during the past 3-4 years and, for your convenience, I want to highlight here the most significant updates.

Currently, I’m using the fifth version of my virtual infrastructure. In essence, I’m continuously expanding my virtual lab, adding more virtual machines to cover the newer, even more complex, scenarios.

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Compress a virtual hard disk to recover valuable space

My laptops are equipped with SSD drives and those drives are very small comparing with commonly used hard disks. Additionally, that means that I have less space for my virtual machines. However, using SSD to store virtual disks will result in the high performance virtualisation. Power never comes free. Continue reading