Activating the AHCI mode after installing Windows 7

A few months ago, I assembled one computer and installed Windows 7 on it. I also installed all necessary drivers and tools. Eventually, I discovered that I left the BIOS configuration of the disk controller in the IDE mode.

In such situation, my machine will be blocked at boot if I just try to change this option in the BIOS settings – Windows 7 will not recognize the boot device. In that situation usually I can either to revert this change back to the IDE mode or reinstall machine with enabled AHCI mode.

I opted for the third way – to enable the AHCI mode in running Windows 7. It’s a time for the magic and mighty tricks. Continue reading


Advanced disk repairing option in Windows 8 and later

A few months ago, I encountered a problem with one USB hard disk. Whenever it was attached to any PC, Windows will prompt that volume has errors. As always, we click on Scan and Fix option expecting that that would do the job.

This disk was one of a kind and now you can read about it. I tried a few times to repair it. Every time, the disk check passed and all was fine, until I again needed to reconnect the disk. Then the story repeated. Continue reading

The smart UPS support in the Mikrotik RouterOS

The Mikrotik RouterOS has a supporting module for the APC smart UPS units. The UPS unit can be connected either over serial or USB port with the Mikrotik RouterOS device. The device can be either the Mikrotik RouterBoard or the PC based x86 RouterOS device.

The main reason for this support is support for the router hibernation and safe power on after the power outage. Furthermore, we can monitor the UPS device and make a log of the events. Moreover, we can utilize the observation script and send the alarms to the administration team in specific conditions.

Continue reading

Replacing your hard disk with the SSD drive for better performance

The inspiration for today’s article I got after talking with a few buddies on the subject of SSD drives. As I repeated the same story with each of them, I eventually found and today’s topic and got the finished story. Now I want to share it with you.

Some 15 years ago, when I was a contributing author with one local IT weekly, I wrote a whole series of articles on the subject of the computer optimization and speed up. One of the topics was the disk partitioning scheme and how it can affect the computer performance.

And then came new technology based on the memory chips – the Solid State Drives. Many of that old advice is now useless. With this new technology we can improve the computer performance significantly. Continue reading