How I wrote my shell script to control the BIND daemon

When I configured BIND for the first time, I edited the /opt/ file and added the command to run the BIND daemon on startup. That command line is very long. In case that I need to restart the BIND daemon, it’s faster to reboot the whole Microcore server then typing that command,

The BIND installation in Microcore Linux doesn’t have a shell script for the daemon control. The good news is that we can write our own. And I wrote mine. Continue reading


LegacyOS and the GParted tool

During the installations of Tiny Core Linux and LegacyOS 2017, I had a need to create partitions on the local disk. I highlighted in those articles only the most important parts of this process. In this post, I will focus on the GParted part of the LegacyOS 2017 installation in details.

Let’s do it! Continue reading

Installing LegacyOS Linux

In my continuous search for the small operating systems that would fit in my virtual lab, I found this Linux distribution, intended to be used in the GUI mode on any PC with as little as 256 MB of RAM, at least booted from its distribution CD. It can connect to the local network and contains both a Web browser and e-mail client – exactly what I need in my simulations. Continue reading

Starting our BIND server on Microcore Linux

During the previous phases, we succesfully installed our BIND server, created its main configuration file and added a few zone files for our DNS domains. Our DNS server is ready for the first test. We will try to run it and troubleshoot any potential problem in its configuration.

Let’s begin! Continue reading