Count on the Clam anti-virus for the perimeter defense

The Clam anti-virus or ClamAV is often an overlooked anti-virus solution. This free anti-virus was designed as an open source anti-virus for the Linux servers, especially for a protection of the e-mail services. Today it can be used on the different platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X or the FreeBSD.

Although Cisco acquired ClamAV in 2013, it’s still a free open-source product. Cisco based their own (an Immunet project) on this solution. Moreover, there are few ports and independent projects based on the ClamAV base. Continue reading


A Trojan virus in fake e-mail message

During past few weeks I had lot of calls from the users related to increased number of the spam e-mails with a virus in the attachment. That virus is in the form of a JScript executable file inside a zip archive file.

Name of that archive file, and also an executable file, is often something like Document, Scan document, Invoice or Refund. Any of those names can have some numbers in the name. On first look they are legitimate documents. However, if you believe that those files are a legitimate documents and try to open them, you will execute a Trojan virus. That virus often open a backdoor on your computer and preparing download of other malicious code.

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