Updating iOS 10 beta to public version

My iPhone worked fine on the iOS 10 beta 2. Apple advises it won’t work any of the beta versions of any software, except during the test periods. The phone worked fine from my perspective and being lazy; I didn’t want to perform the update.

A couple of weeks ago though, the phone occasionally prompted with the message “A new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 10 beta.”. Finally, over the last few days this prompt appeared every time the device was unlocked. Eventually, I decided to upgrade the iOS to the public version.

It became very annoying receiving this message on every screen:



The OTA update will not work

The first time I received this message I automatically clicked on the button [ Close ]. Next time I read the message carefully. OK, if there is an update I will try to update the phone. I went to Settings > General > Updates and checked for updates. However, the phone prompted that current version is 10.2 and that the phone is running the latest software version.

I found some advice that I needed to install the Beta profile and to remove it. After I remove it, the phone should reboot and fetch the public version of the iOS. Alas, this advice is useless.

After a few more tries to update the phone using the OTA update mechanism, I realised that I need to use iTunes. This makes a lot of sense. After all, we are dealing with the process that will completely replace the operating system in the device.


Update the phone using iTunes

For this operation, we need a computer with iTunes software. From a Windows perspective (which is what I am using) this PC is any computer running Windows 7 and later OSes.

Before we begin, check to make sure Windows is up to date, and possibly, even turn off antivirus (as advised by Apple)

I connected the phone using the USB cable. When iTunes senses the phone, you will see the message on the PC’s screen.


If you don’t have any sensitive data (like health statistics) on your phone, you can avoid encryption here. The backup process will take some time. When the backup process finishes, you will get the updated status of the latest backup file in the iTunes window


We are ready for the update process. Don’t try the update from iTunes though; you will receive the same message that your phone is on the latest iOS version. We need to restart the phone in the recovery mode.

The exact procedure depends on the device model. I found this very useful article on the Apple support site. The crucial step is to leave the phone (or even iPad) connected to the USB cable and to perform the reboot.

iTunes will sense that the device is in recovery mode and will check for the new software. The next step will warn you that this operation may fail:


The restoration process means erasing the entire contents of the device. But we have the backup!


Now be patient; this update packed “weight” – over 2GB and, depending on your Internet link, this download can last from 10 minutes to over an hour. So, in the meantime make yourself a coffee or even a bite to eat! However, be sure that your PC will not go into sleep mode and therefore interrupt this process.

When iTunes completes the software download process, it will check it and then switch the phone into installation mode.


All further steps are automated. We can monitor them, but our interaction is not required.


Checking the phone

Your phone reinstalled, rebooted and now you are logged in. Check your contacts, e-mails, messages…Nothing missing, the phone works fine? Great! This whole process took slightly more than one hour for me. Now it’s time to write a new post for my blog.

Stay tuned and keep following my blog.


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