A PPTP VPN connection on the Apple iOS devices

An Apple devices entered market in the moment when an enterprises utilized a VPN technology for the remote access. Preparing devices for a significant role on the business segment, creators also added a VPN support.

Although VPN often is not necessary for the e-mail service, access for many other services requires a crypto-tunnel. The PPTP tunnel was very common way for the VPN connections. It’s very simple to setup and use this type of the VPN.

You can find similar instructions related to the Android phones/devices here.

This article wrote on the iPhone 4 and the iOS 7.12. Therefore, you can have some differences in other versions. Although this instructions should fit most of the Apple devices, this post may or may not fit your particular device.

The screenshots are cut and/or edited to show only important part of the screen and to made an instructions easier to read.

1. We should go to the device/phone settings – an icon Settings

2. Now we should go to the group of the settings named General.

3. We’ll choose an options for the VPN. As we can see they are in a state Not Connected.

4. We should choose Add VPN Configuration…

5. On the next screen we should add following data:
type of VPN – choose PPTP
Description – a name of the connection, that should associate us with an organization to which we should connect
Server – IP address or full DNS name of the VPN server with whom we should establish connection. System administrator should provide this information.
Account – an user name in the system, which we need for this connection
Password – a password for our account. You can save it. However, from security perspective, you should leave this on Ask Every Time

6. Choose now a button Save. New connection appears in the list.

7. When you want to connect to organization using this connection, you should touch it in the list and move a slider to the right. New windows will popup, asking you for the password.

8. When you entered a password, touch a button Done and initiate VPN connection.

9. We will see status Connected when VPN is established. Also, a background of the slider is green.

10. We can see a connection properties, if we touch this message Connected >. That will looks like this:

11. When we want to close the VPN connection, we should move a slider to the left.


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