How to make PPTP VPN connection on Android phones

Android phones came on the market in a moment when business usage of a mobile devices was significant. Targeting users who want to replace their computers with smaller yet powerful devices, makers of Android system were forced to incorporate support for all business services needed by such users.

VPN is one of such systems. PPTP VPN was wide spread across enterprises due it’s simplicity to configure and use it.

This how-to document written on the Android OS 4.0.4. There fore, it can be different from earlier or later versions. Consequently, it may or may not fit your particular device. Android tablets can be setup on very similar way.

For the Apple iOS instructions, please see this post.

Pictures in this manual are edited (cropped) to highlight most important parts.

Open menu for the phone settings. Check the manual for your phone or tablet.


We will choose settings for Wireless and other network. We can check if Wi-Fi connection is turned on. It’s not important to turn it on in this moment, but you can do so if you want.

We will choose option More… to choose other network settings.


In list of additional options we will choose menu VPN.


Next step is to choose option Add VPN network. If we already have other VPN connections, they’ll be listed here.


New windows will open. We should enter following parameters:
Name – name of connection, you should enter something that is descriptive for you, like My Company
Type – from dropdown list (triangle in down right corner on this screenshot) we can choose type of connection. This one is PPTP.
Server address – IP address or DNS name of VPN server. This information will be provided by system administrator of your network.
We should leave option PPP encryption (MPPE) enabled.


Touch button [ Save ]  and a new connection appears in the list. In our case, this is PPTP Test connection.


If your Wi-Fi connection is turned off, now you should enable it. Alternatively, you can use 2G/3G mobile network data access, but that option can raise expenses with your mobile operator, if you don’t have phone data transferring in your monthly plan.


Now we can choose our new connection from list of VPN connection. When you choose this connection, new windows will popup. You should enter your username and password for the VPN connection. You will receive those information from system administrator of the network.

Although we can save those parameters if we check option Save account information, I’ll advice against it for security reasons.


Now touch a button [ Connect ] and start the process of establishing a VPN connection.


After some short time, status of connection became Connected. Small key appears in information bar.


We can touch this connection name in the list. New window will popup and we can see parameters of VPN connection.


When we want to close out VPN session, all we should do is to touch a button [ Disconnect ] and our VPN connection will terminate.


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