Hello world

Hello dear Reader and welcome to my new blog.

My name is Srdjan Stanisic. I’m IT Systems Engineer with 25 years of experience and lot of certifications under my belt.

Lazarus - Hello world

During this long period I learned a lot of tricks, passed many tricky situations and made lot of How-to articles for my own usage. Most of my experience is on Microsoft Windows platform, but I also have practical experience with Linux servers.

Whenever I am researching something new (new feature, software or solution), I like to made a notes what I have done. Now I want to share that with you.

You will have opportunity to read about different, yet similar, technologies related to networking and server software. I will share with you different stories about Mikrotik routers, virtualization jobs, Linux solutions, server software and networking. You can expect case studies and stories, but also recipes how to solve some problems or build solution.

I wish you lot of fun and good reading.


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